Meet the unemployed programmer who kept sneaking into Apple to finish his project

Great and inspiring story. Ron Avitzur worked to fulfil a passion, not just to work his 40 hour week and take home a cheque at the end of the month. Graphing Calculator exists on OS X as Grapher.app, in the Applications/Utilities folder, albeit with a completely re-written codebase.

I love this excerpt:
'On the last day of the canceled project, Avitzur’s manager called him into her office to say goodbye. He hadn’t completed the length of his contract, but the company would pay it in full anyway.

“Just submit your final invoice for what’s left,” she told him. That’s when it clicked: If Avitzur didn’t submit the invoice, his contract stayed in the system. And if his contract stayed in the system, his ID badge would keep getting him in the front door.'

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