Gore's Choice

It turns out Al Gore as a great typographical eye (apparently) and a sense for graphic
design. The design studio mgmt were chosen by Gore to design his new book
Our Choice, the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. mgmt had settled on the
typeface Brioni for the body text, however after reviewing the proofs, Al Gore
didn't like the numeral one and wanted it changed.

mgmt turned to the creators of Brioni, typotheque and they agreed to make
the modifications.

'Al was right. The new numeral is a lot less confusing when combined with letters. We already changed it for all other weights of Brioni. We’ll call this ‘Gore’s choice’.

An excellent read and more on how these modifications are now known as
Gore's Choice http://www.typotheque.com/news/gore_s_choice

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