Launched on the App Store in May 2009, CinemaZone gives you quick and easy access to films and playing times for Theatre's in Basel, Switzerland.

If feedback is positive and interest is strong, the next major release will be a Swiss-wide Cinema app. In the next version, we plan to add Trailers, Upcoming films and Search.
For suggestions and feature requests, please contact us here.
Ether.Flex CMS showcases the ease of content management in a web browser. We continually found, that with the multitude of CMS' available, although many well programmed, lacked greatly in interface design and ease of use. Thus, Ether.Flex was born in 2007 and has grown rapidly since then.

Powered by Agavi PHP framework and MooTools Javascript framework, Ether.Flex features desktop-like-search, clean and custom url's and powerful file uploading and file management.