Turn on the Copiers: bitextender.com cloned

Earlier today I was Skype'd by David Zülke lead developer of Agavi and Managing Director at Bitextender GmbH. We've worked closely together on a few projects,
one being agavi.org's site design/brand and the Bitextender company site. It turns
out that some Polish based company copied Bitextender's site, the HTML, CSS,
graphics and all and didn't even bother changing the CSS comments and mailto addresses. The only 'custom' addition they made was adding a language navigation
to the right of the logo. Yuuck..

I am perplexed by such a blatant 1:1 rip-off and all I can really do is smile,
incredulous smile though it may be. And to add insult to injury, the Copycats
added a horrible 1995 hit counter.. What an insult ;)

Website cloning is not unheard of and it happens more often than one realises
but I never thought it would happen with projects we've been involved in.
Compliment or insult?

More on David Zülke's blog

UPDATE: since David's pushy email, they've taken the site offline. Screenshots FTW!

Who can spot the copy?

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