32-bit Python support in Snow Leopard

The default installation of Python on Mac OS X Snow Leopard is version 2.6.1.
It transpires that Python on Snow Leopard executes as a 64-bit application by default.

Daily we use this awesome yet simple Python script, which helps us join any file, for instance a Pages or Numbers document, with a pre-defined PDF template. In our case, this PDF template contains our Letterhead and the script is executed as a PDF Service, showing system wide from the Print dialogue sheet via the PDF button.

For this PDF Service script to work, it needs to use Python as a 32-bit application.
Open a Terminal window and run:

To revert back to 64-bit mode, just change the boolean to “no”, or even delete the “Prefer-32-Bit” key.
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Show hidden files in Snow Leopard's Open and Save dialogs

Here's a helpful little hint I picked up over at MacWorld: files and folders are hidden out-of-the-box in OS X and this tip makes it easy to show hidden files and folders in Open and Save dialogs windows.

The Hint
In any Open or Save dialog in Snow Leopard only, use the following keyboard combination 'Shift-Command-Period' to show hidden files and folders. Toggle the same keyboard combination to hide hidden files and folders. Nice and simple!
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Is Snow Leopard just a cheap Windows 7 knockoff?

I spotted this headline earlier and was flabbergasted. While reading the article, it dawned on me that the author was aiming at some ludicrous form of satire. Or was he? It's laughable of course, I just hope people don't take this drivel seriously!

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