32-bit Python support in Snow Leopard

The default installation of Python on Mac OS X Snow Leopard is version 2.6.1.
It transpires that Python on Snow Leopard executes as a 64-bit application by default.

Daily we use this awesome yet simple Python script, which helps us join any file, for instance a Pages or Numbers document, with a pre-defined PDF template. In our case, this PDF template contains our Letterhead and the script is executed as a PDF Service, showing system wide from the Print dialogue sheet via the PDF button.

For this PDF Service script to work, it needs to use Python as a 32-bit application.
Open a Terminal window and run:

To revert back to 64-bit mode, just change the boolean to “no”, or even delete the “Prefer-32-Bit” key.
Posted in Category Tips and Tricks by Nathan Querido