Hello World...

... we are QUERIDODESIGN. This blog post (our first) culminates a very exciting and busy time for the QUERIODESIGN team.

We are a small design and multimedia agency, focusing primarily on Web design, Web applications and Graphic design. Recently we've delved into iPhone app development, which has quickly become a core part of our business, with a mix of client based iPhone apps and in-house apps, such as CinemaZone.

What's Coming

Our goal with this blog is to share our thoughts, ideas, tips, code snippets and general delusions of grandeur.

This starts with our passion for MooTools, Agavi and most things Apple related. We've extensively used MooTools (ever since it's infancy as moo.fx) on almost all our web based projects. From time to time we will be releasing MooTools plugins and best-practise articles. We equally love Agavi, which we've used on all dynamic web projects since late 2007.

And this brings us to Apple: we love almost everything Apple touches and is a great inspiration for our design and coding logic. We've been pleasantly surprised by the iPhone SDK, which includes Interface Builder and an awesome fully-fledged Simulator. As Developer Tools, these are as good as they come.

Watch this space, there's a lot we'd like to say!

The Team

From left to right: Julian, Moritz, Luis, Jeramy and Nathan
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