We are a small web design and multimedia agency based in Basel, Switzerland. We build functional and
elegant websites, design logos and create custom web applications such as Content Management Systems (CMS),
database driven websites and shopping carts.

With a commitment to design quality, and distinct attention to detail, we strive to unite the creative and
technical divide and remain at the cutting edge of modern technologies. We regularly collaborate with a network
of programmers, designers and multimedia professionals.

Right now we are working on an array of exciting client based and internal projects, which includes
Ether.Flex CMS version 2, an update to CinemaZone iPhone app, with it's sibling iPad app in development,
and additional MooTools plugins which will be announced on our Blog.


  • Nathan Querido
    Nathan Querido (nfq)
    Founder, Designer, Music lover

    M +41 78 667 7683
    E nathan@queridodesign.net

    Location Basel, Switzerland. Founded in 2003 quote I like details and keeping design clean. Love gadgets and most things tech related. Have a passion for Pink Floyd, Marillion and Arsenal FC. quote

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/nfq

  • Julian Querido
    Julian Querido (Jsaq007)
    CSS guru, Office chief, Partner

    M +41 78 804 0644
    E julian@queridodesign.net

    Location Basel, Switzerland. Joined in 2005 quote I love a good challenge, keeping active and learning. I have a great enthusiasm for sports and wish I had time for more! Next challenge, iPhone. quote

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/jsaq007

  • Nespressa
    Nespressa Bond
    Coffee wizard
    Peoples person ;-)
    Double agent
    Doesn't talk much

    Location Kitchen quote I am a workaholic and don't really like to sleep. All productivity hinges on my attitude and naturally I make the best coffee! quote